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Products & Services:

Tracy Nichols has been in the profession 28 years
NDGAA certified groomer 
individual accommodation for all types of critters  

We service all breeds of animals for domestic, exotic and livestock

Discounts: multiple pet discount -10%
Senior discount over 55 - 10%
4-H, Member of the BBB and several animal association  - 10%

Pet Grooming
Pet Food & Supplies Retail

Natural life products only
Shampoos and Conditioner products - Natures Choice only
variety of leashes, collars and harnesses, training products,
pet products and supplements ( natures miracle stain remover
and skunk remover),missing link, dental refreshing,
Cleaning treats, grooming supplies, sweaters, toys,
balls, frizbees and dog clickers for training

HOURS:  Tuesday thru Saturday 9am - 5pm
CLOSED:  Sunday & Monday

About Us
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